Releasing shortly, "Jogajog"

A period drama by Sekhar Das

Releasing shortly, "Aranyadeb"

A social drama by Debasish

Coming soon

"Amar Shohor"
- A Thriller by Mukul Roy Chowdhry
- Six senses-Tense taut thriller by Ayan Chakraborti

About Our Company


Extra Cover, an outfit aiming to service the media / entertainment industry, took off the blocks in November 2009.

With the two partners having close to 30 years of print media experience, it is only natural that clients / agencies in the city share a special and professional relation-ship with us. Media companies who find Kolkata's business not so large to set up shop neither too small to be ignored, prefer to outsource. Extra Cover offers assistance for brand representation.

In recent years there has been a resurgence in the Bengal Film industry thanks to stalwart directors creating a keen interest nationally and also prompting heightened interest among leading stars to be a part of this industry. New-age directors have transgressed traditional formats creating smarter, sleeker cinema in sync with modern sensibilities. This wave of opportunity has translated into producers from outside Kolkata / Bengal becoming increasingly eager to invest.

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